Baldur’s Gate 3 mod for Stardew Valley adds new companions


The development of the Stardew Valley modification Baldur’s Village, inspired by Baldur’s Gate 3, is progressing with the addition of new companions. A fan project recently showcased pixel art of Shadowheart, Laezel, Hulsin, and Gale with impressive skill.

The update also provides a sneak peek into the world of romance with Astarion, the initial character revealed for Baldur’s Village. Based on one screenshot, it seems like there might be a chance to make a proposal right away.

The project’s Patreon subscribers have the privilege of selecting new companions, giving characters from Baldur’s Gate 3 an opportunity to join the game.


Every companion receives meticulous attention, with Stardew Valley-style art depicting various facial expressions and a comprehensive storyline complete with dialogue. Naturally, this doesn’t encompass the extensive effort put into crafting Baldur’s Village, as the mod goes beyond mere content addition and fundamentally alters the core game.

The team had initially aimed to release Baldur’s Village before Baldur’s Gate 3’s first birthday in August. However, the update indicates that one of the developers has departed from the project, raising doubts about the ability to adhere to the schedule. Given the mod’s expanded scope, it now includes the addition of characters such as Astarion’s siblings and Shadowheart’s parents.


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