Halle Berry Fends Off Evil In Never Let Go’s First Trailer

Halle Berry Fends Off Evil In Never Let Go's First Trailer

The title of Never Let Go is also Halle Berry’s mantra in the new trailer for her upcoming horror flick.

If the concept of Never Let Go sounds familiar, it’s because we’ve witnessed several apocalyptic horror films featuring top-tier actresses that have comparable storylines. Emily Blunt and her on-screen kids expertly navigate a world where silence is key for survival in A Quiet Place and its sequel, while Sandra Bullock and her character’s children face the challenge of living with blindfolds in Bird Box. Now, Halley Berry takes on the lead role in Never Let Go, a thrilling horror film where survival hangs by a thread. The first trailer for the movie will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Berry portrays a mother who has successfully navigated the post-apocalyptic world alongside her two sons, portrayed by Percy Daggs IV and Anthony B. Jenkins. The title of Never Let Go is derived from the rule that Berry’s character consistently reiterates. She believes that as long as the boys stay connected to their home by a rope, they will be protected from the dangers of the world.


For a while, the boys trust their mother completely. However, when one of the boys becomes separated from the rope, he begins to doubt the existence of the evil his mother had warned him about. That not only creates significant tension within the family, but also allows negative forces to start causing division among them. When that occurs, even the most skilled individual may struggle to save this family.

The film was directed by Alexandre Aja, with a script written by Kevin Coughlin and Ryan Grassby. Never Let Me Go is set to release in theaters on September 27.


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