What is the recommended level for Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

What is the recommended level for Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

What is the recommended level for Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

The recommended level for the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC for Elden Ring is determined by one fact – this expansion is more complex than the base game. No matter how powerful you feel as you explore Between-Earth in Elden Ring, you’ll likely be overwhelmed by what you’ll encounter, so plan your dive accordingly.

Let’s break down the recommended level for completing Shadow of the Erdtree and look at options on how to become strong enough for the DLC.

Recommended level for Shadow of the Erdtree

To be clear, there are no official level requirements to complete the DLC. All you really have to do is defeat the two bosses, Radan and Mog, to gain access to Shadow of the Erdtree. But regarding the recommended level for completing Shadow of the Erdtree, you can take a look at the advice from FromSoftware.

During the recent Shadow of the Erdtree preview, pre-made characters were buffed to level 150. However, many pass the expansion at a level higher than this.

But there is another important character stat to consider when diving into the DLC – your Vigor.

Recommended Vitality Level for Shadow of the Erdtree

Vitality is a stat that determines your character’s health, or HP. Vitality also increases your character’s Fire Resistance and Immunity, Poison and Rot Resistance. To play Shadow of the Erdtree, it is recommended to raise your Vitality to 60, which will give your character a base 1900 HP.


Why so high? The DLC bosses you’ll face in Shadow of the Erdtree hit hard and fast. Some of the bosses’ more powerful attacks can easily kill your character in one hit if your Vitality is at level 40 or lower.

If you haven’t been putting Runes into your Life Force, maybe it’s time to fix that. Using¬†a Maggot Tear¬†, you can reset and redistribute your character’s stats. Given the large number of new weapons, armor sets, and spells available in Shadow of the Erdtree, it might be worth reconsidering your build anyway.

Another way to develop a character for Shadow of the Erdtree

In addition to improving your character’s stats by leveling up at places of grace, there is a separate system for enhancing your character’s stats. There is a new upgrade scattered throughout the Shadowlands called Skadutree Fragments. These fragments can be found by killing certain creatures such as behemoths and Shadow Undead – they carry sparkling pots above their heads. Many Skadutree Fragments can also be found hidden throughout the map.

Skadudrev fragments can be exchanged at places of grace to improve your Skadudrev Blessing. This blessing will give your character a permanent boost to all stats – but only in the shadow world. These upgrades will not work in the main game.

In addition to the Skadutree Fragments, you will also find Revered Spirit Dust. These upgrades will give your summons and mount more health. Exchange them at places of grace when you receive them.

Classic grind

While Scudtree Fragments will give your character a healthy buff, leveling up the traditional way still makes sense. Luckily, there are dozens of very valuable runes scattered throughout the Shadowlands that you can exchange to quickly level up. Additionally, you can grind runes in the Mogwyn Palace.


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