What is Roblox Robux and How to Buy It?

What is Roblox Robux and How to Buy It?

What is Roblox Robux and How to Buy It?

If you are wondering what Roblox Robux is, what it does and how to buy it, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will tell you what the premium currency of Roblox, one of the most popular games in the world, is, what it does, and how you can buy it at affordable prices.

This content is supported by KysuPin, a digital E-pin sales platform, and the price list we will share with you throughout the article also belongs to KysuPin. With that said, let’s move on to the details.

What is Roblox Robux and what does it do?

Roblox’s in-game currency, Robux, is a premium in-game currency that can be purchased for real money . In other words, it is a digital currency. You can buy it with real money, earn it from playing games on Roblox, or get a certain monthly amount if you have a premium membership.

What is Roblox Robux and what does it do?
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With the special currency called Robux, you can obtain various cosmetics in the game or objects that will provide different advantages in different games . Since Roblox generally acts as a portal, each game within it uses this special currency differently. Exactly what you will use it for is determined by the objects sold for Robux in the game you play.

How to buy Robux?

To purchase Roblox Robux, you can use the game’s own payment system or refer to third-party sites to browse more affordable products. In this article, we will tell you about KysuPin , the sponsor of our content, and share their pricing. Of course, it is entirely up to you how you choose to purchase Robux.

To buy Robux via KysuPin, follow these steps:

  • Proceed to KysuPin’s Robux purchase page.
  • Add the products you want to purchase to your cart.
  • View the products you added by going to your cart and make sure you added the correct products.
  • Apply 5% discount to your cart by entering the code “ ATARITA ” in the coupons section. 😊
  • Click the “Complete shopping” button.
  • Fill in your payment information.
  • Complete your shopping.
What is Roblox Robux and How to Buy It?

After these steps, your Roblox Robux purchase will be completed. You can now enter the game and use the units you purchased as you wish.

Your purchases via KysuPin will be delivered to you via SMS or e-mail within 5 minutes at the latest. You can activate the code sent to you by entering it in the relevant place in the game. If you purchased it as a gift, you can send the PDF file containing the code sent to you to the lucky person.


If you have any questions or problems regarding your purchase, you can reach KysuPin’s 24/7 active live support and report your situation.

Roblox Robux prices

Let’s take a look at the Roblox Robux prices . Let us also remind you that the price list in our content was taken from KysuPin.

  • 800 Robux = 333.25₺
  • 1200 Robux = 496.86₺
  • 1600 Robux = 654.09₺
  • 2000 Robux = 825.10₺
  • 5000 Robux = 1,635.06₺
  • 6000 Robux = 2,452.42₺
  • 8000 Robux = 3,269.77₺
  • 12,000 Robux = 4,904.83₺
  • 16,000 Robux = 6,539.55₺

If you want to buy Robux from within the game, let us remind you that it is sold in dollar exchange rate and banks may charge different transaction fees.

About Roblox

Roblox is a game portal with thousands of games developed by users. It acts as the main platform and players can download and play countless games of various genres from there. It is also possible to develop and publish their own games through Roblox Studio using the Lua programming language . In this way, they can earn Robux and earn income by converting it into real money thanks to the platform’s own exchange program.

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Roblox has reached such a level that it has become very easy to find clones of the very popular games released on Steam today. Almost the same games such as Buckshot Roulette, which has recently made a splash, are available on Roblox. The platform, which has a fast developer community, continues to host millions of players every day.

What is Roblox Robux and How to Buy It?


As a result, we have shared everything you need to know about Roblox Robux, what it is, what it does and how to buy it. We also presented you the Robux prices list of KysuPin, which sponsors our content. We hope this article was useful for you. Don’t forget to share your opinions with us and our other readers in the comments section. We wish everyone good games in advance!

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