Underground Blossom Walkthrough Chapters 1 and 2

Underground Blossom

Welcome to our detailed guide for Underground Blossom Walkthrough Chapters 1 and 2. Follow these step-by-step instructions to progress through the game smoothly and solve all the puzzles you encounter.

Underground Blossom Walkthrough Chapters 1 and 2

Underground Blossom Walkthrough Chapters 1 and 2
Underground Blossom

Underground Blossom Walkthrough Chapter 1: Crib Station

  1. Exit the Train: After leaving your first station, approach the lady with the crib and suitcase on the right.
  2. Open the Suitcase: Open the suitcase to find and take the baby bottle and matches inside.
  3. Inspect the Crib: Look inside the crib and take the safety pin located above the baby’s head.
  4. Feed the Baby: Pull down the blanket and give the baby her bottle.
  5. Explore the Area: Look around by tapping the right arrow.

Solve Puzzles

  1. Open the Box: Find the box lying on the ground. Open it to take the iron saw and the cloth.
  2. Cut the Metal Bar: Use the saw to cut the metal bar of the sewer on the ground and take the rod.
  3. Retrieve the Key: Use the rod to kick over the key and then take it.
  4. Move Right: Go to the right again until you see the clock.
  5. Observe the Clock: Your train will leave, and you can look closer at the clock, but you’ll return to it later.

Interact with the Ticket Booth

  1. Find the Ticket Booth: Move to the right to locate the ticket booth.
  2. Unlock the Booth: Use the key in the lock on the left of the booth. Turn it and drag the door up.
  3. Wake the Sleeping Lady: Inside, you’ll find a sleeping lady. Use the rod to wake her up.

Diaper and Fire Puzzle

Underground Blossom
Underground Blossom
  1. Return to the Baby: Go back to the lady with the baby.
  2. Change the Baby: Check on the baby, put the cloth on her, and secure it with the safety pin.
  3. Dispose of the Dirty Diaper: Wait for the baby to dirty her diaper. Take it and throw it in the trashcan, removing the lid first.
  4. Start a Fire: Light the matches above the trashcan to start a fire.
  5. Collect the Scraper: Tap the bin to take the scraper from the ground.

Final Steps in Underground Blossom Walkthrough Chapter 1

  1. Reveal the Hidden Message: Go to where the poster on the wall was. Use the scraper to scratch the poster and reveal the message behind it.
  2. Check the Necklace: Remember the symbols and go back to the lady. Check her necklace and press the symbols to open the clock. Remember the time: 10:15.
  3. Set the Station Clock: Go to the clock on the station and set it to 10:15.
  4. Board the Train: When the train arrives, go inside and take a coin from the pocket of the ticket collector.
  5. Get a Ticket: Return to the ticket booth and give the coin to the lady for a ticket to the next station. Take the ticket, go to the train, give it to the ticket collector, and help him stamp your ticket.
  6. Start the Train: Enter, close the door, and tap to start moving.

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Underground Blossom Walkthrough Chapter 2: Child Lane

  1. Inspect the Panel: Use the scraper in your inventory to get the old gum from the panel behind the woman and child.
  2. Give and Retrieve the Gum: Give the old gum to the little girl, then take it back after she chews it.
  3. Move to the Right: Proceed to the next area.

Solve the Photo Service Puzzle

  1. Examine the Poster: Look at the poster and tap the objects from smallest to biggest in this order: Glass, Hat, Kite, Camel, Airplane, Pyramid, Sun.
  2. Collect the Key: The poster will reveal a key. Move to the right where the clock is, but there’s nothing to do.
  3. To find the Ticket Machine, Go to the right where the man is standing and the little girl is hiding. Pick up the white paper off the floor.

Poster and Gum Puzzle

  1. Tap the Girl’s Head: Tap on the girl’s head. Go back to the Poster area and tap the empty frame.
  2. Place the Gum: Put the chewed gum on the empty frame and the poster, then roll it down.
  3. Follow the Poster Instructions: Tap the things written on the poster: Smile, Eyes, Wrist, Hair, Eyes, Smile, The Box. This will give you a number to call: 53114.

Interact with the Girl

  1. Tap the Girl’s Head Again: Tap the girl’s head again before returning to the man.
  2. Find the Girl: Locate the girl above Mr. Owl and tap her head. Go to the Posters again and talk to the little girl.
  3. Retrieve the Glass Panel: Take the glass panel from her.

Solve the Glass Puzzle

  1. Fix the Image: Return to the woman and put the glass panel on the window to her right. Swipe up, down, left, and right to arrange the glass panels correctly.
  2. Collect the Crank: Solving the puzzle will give you a crank.

Newspaper and Coin Puzzle

  1. Open the Window: Go to the Newspaper Photoservice and use the crank to open the window.
  2. Collect the Newspaper: Take the Newspaper and give it to the man on the bench. Rearrange the scrambled tiles in the correct order.
  3. Retrieve the Coin: Check the man’s pocket and take the coin.

Use the Phone Booth

  1. Open the Phone Booth: Go to the woman and open the Phone Booth with the key.
  2. Dial the Number: Insert the coin and dial 53114 by swiping clockwise.
  3. Look into the Bird’s Eyes: The voice on the phone instructs you to look into the eyes of the bird. Tap Mr. Owl’s eyes and use the rod to open the door under the statue. Note the number 8827.

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Final Steps in Underground Blossom Walkthrough Chapter 2

  1. Open the Briefcase: Go to the man’s briefcase, enter the code 8827, and press the button next to it. Open it to take the camera.
  2. Take Photos: Give the camera to the little girl and take a few photos until the lights dim.
  3. Check on the Mom: Check the mom. The weird man behind will say he’ll take her with him. Go to the clock area where the train pulls up.
  4. Collect Items: After the man and woman leave, inspect the purse they left behind to find a letter, a nut driver, and a golden timepiece.
  5. Solve the Glass Panel Puzzle: The girl will hide inside Mr. Owl’s statue and drop a roll of film. Go to the Newspaper Photoservice booth and put the roll of film in the box. Return to where you first met the mom and little girl. Use the nut driver to unscrew the panel and find a glass panel behind it. Use it on the window above and solve the puzzle by swiping up, down, left, and right to arrange the glass panels correctly.

Adjust the Clock and Get the Ticket

  1. Set the Clock: Take the clock hand and go to the clock. Set the hand at 4:00 (20 minutes past).
  2. Check the Photos: Go to the Newspaper Photoservice and examine the photos. One of the photos will indicate the time 4:05.
  3. Set the Clock Again: Return to the clock, insert the clock hand, and set the time to 4:05. The train will arrive.
  4. Press the Tiles: Notice the white tiles above the man reading the newspaper and the Photoservice booth. Go to the ticket machine and press the corresponding tiles: first and last + 4th and 6th, then all three in the middle + 3rd and 7th. Press the orange button to get a ticket.
  5. Board the Train: Go to the train, hand the ticket to the ticket collector, help him mark it, enter the train, and tap to leave.

With this detailed guide, you should easily navigate Chapters 1 and 2 of Underground Blossom.


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