Kopazar Guide for PUBG Players: How to Buy PUBG Mobile UC?


Kopazar Guide for PUBG Players: How to Buy PUBG Mobile UC?

Who doesn’t want to buy PUBG UC at a more affordable price?

Did you know that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, one of the most popular Battle Royale games that took the whole world by storm for a while, also achieved great success on the Mobile side? Well, did you know that you can make PUBG Mobile UC purchases safely through Kopazar? Now you know.

What is PUBG Mobile UC?

This currency, called Unknown Cash , or “PUBG UC” , is a unit that you cannot earn or obtain by playing the game. You can only buy UC with real money. Thanks to this currency, you have the chance to purchase special cosmetics and weapon skins in the game. It has no effect on the gameplay quality, it just allows you to have a better visual quality. After purchasing PUBG Mobile UC, you can intimidate your opponents by purchasing any character costume or weapon skin you want.

What is PUBG Mobile UC?

You will be able to buy PUBG Mobile UC at affordable prices with Kopazar!

You can easily find the amount of UC you want to buy for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile on Kopazar. In Kopazar, which offers more affordable and advantageous prices, you also have alternative shopping opportunities from 60 UC to 16200 UC . You can complete the shopping by finding the UC model that best suits you and easily purchase the item you want in the game.

Advantageous prices will also be waiting for you when purchasing PUBG Mobile UC . You can choose Kopazar to purchase these UC codes delivered as e-pins at a much more affordable price and in a reliable manner.


PUBG Mobile UC prices in Kopazar

We wanted to gather PUBG Mobile UC prices under one roof, which you can choose from Kopazar at affordable prices and safely;

  • PUBG Mobile 60 UC – 26.00 TL
  • PUBG Mobile 325 UC – 130.00 TL
  • PUBG Mobile 660 UC – 260.00 TL
  • PUBG Mobile 1800 UC – 650.00 TL
  • PUBG Mobile 3850 UC – 1.300,00 TL
  • 60 UC (Global) – 30.10 TL
  • 325 UC (Global) – 150.00 TL
  • 660 UC (Global) – 305.00 TL
  • 1800 UC (Global) – 750.00 TL
  • 3850 UC (Global) – 1.500,00 TL
  • 8100 UC (Global) – 2.900,00 TL
  • 16200 UC (Global) – 5.800,00 TL

To purchase PUBG Mobile UC, you can go to the Kopazar store page and complete your purchase quickly.

How to use purchased PUBG Mobile UC?

It is quite simple to add PUBG Mobile UC e-pins, which you can purchase 24/7 via Kopazar, to your account with a few simple steps. After completing the purchasing process, you can add the PUBG Mobile UC e-pin code sent to you to your account via the internet with your user name and player number information.

You can later use the UC code you have assigned to your account in any way you wish in the game . If you want, you can buy yourself a new character costume, or you can give the green light to a much higher quality gaming experience with a new weapon skin. If you wish, you can see in detail how to add the PUBG Mobile UC code you purchased to your account with the video below;

What can be purchased with PUBG Mobile UC?

With PUBG Mobile UC, you have the chance to buy some items that you can use in the game and change your appearance. However, these items you buy do not make you a stronger character in the game. For this reason, you can buy UC with peace of mind and just make your appearance more special. Some of the items and skins you can get by purchasing PUBG Mobile UC and activating it in the game are as follows;

  • Character clothes and accessories: Creating your dream character can be much easier with UCs. There are some costumes in the in-game store that you can only buy with Mobile UC. These can be listed as character clothes, glasses, hats, masks or gloves. By purchasing these products, you can achieve a more special character appearance.
  • Weapon skins: You have personalized your character and given it a more special appearance, but if you want your weapon to look the same, you can add different skins to your weapon by purchasing PUBG Mobile UC from Kopazar. You can purchase colorful or more personalized skins with the weapon skins in the game store.
  • Parachute views: As you know, when the game starts, you have to jump down from a plane. In this process, you have the chance to land safely at any point you want by opening the parachute while landing on the ground. You also have the chance to customize these parachutes that you use when starting the game, using PUBG Mobile UC.

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