Minecraft Fireworks Crafting Recipe (2024)


Minecraft Fireworks Crafting Recipe

With the Minecraft fireworks recipe, you can start making your own fireworks in a short time. Although players usually use fireworks for wings, fireworks can be launched with the crossbows that Mojang has brought with the latest versions.

Minecraft Fireworks Making

Before you can make fireworks, you need to decide what you want to do. If you need fireworks to fly with elytra, there are a few steps you need to take.

In this content, we will include firework recipes for both those who use wings and those who want to use their fireworks as decorations.

Patterned fireworks can be used with elytra, but since you need a lot of fireworks to fly, making patterned fireworks can be quite costly for you. Instead, using gunpowder and paper can be better for elytra users.

Minecraft Patternless Cartridge Recipe (For Elytra)

As you know, most items in Minecraft are produced at the crafting bench, which we call the “Workbench”  .

Before entering the 3×3 work table, which is a three by three area, you should make sure that you have collected the necessary materials.

You can kill Creepers by hunting for gunpowder at night. If you are new to the game, we recommend that you be careful with Creepers because these creatures are not very friendly.


Anyway, back to the topic. The last material you need to make fireworks is paper. Paper making is also quite simple. If you line up sugar canes side by side on a work table, you can make paper.

If you don’t have any sugar cane, you should visit areas with water such as streams, oceans, and swamps.

Sugar cane is abundant on desert shores or in rainforests. If you are close to these areas, you can collect sugar cane and bring it home with you.

Minecraft Fireworks Crafting Recipe (2024)
Minecraft Fireworks Crafting Recipe (2024)

You may be asking questions like do I have to repeat these processes every time. Remember that you are free to do anything in Minecraft, you can get rid of the rush of collecting materials by building automatic farming and monster systems.


You can make fireworks by placing the gunpowder and paper you have obtained side by side on the 2×2 crafting bench in your work table or in your bag.

However, it is worth repeating that this is a low cost firework that is only suitable for elytra. If you are looking for a firework that will explode in the sky with colour, this production is not for you.

Minecraft Patterned Flare Recipe

The only difference between the production of patterned and normal fireworks is that an additional material is required. To make patterned fireworks, you need a small ball called a colored “Firework Star “.

Minecraft Fireworks Crafting Recipe (2024)
Minecraft Fireworks Crafting Recipe (2024)

You can create a firework star with colors from the game and even creature heads. This star is used to add pattern to your firework.

For example, if you use purple to make a firework star, your firework will be purple, if you use a Creeper head, your firework will create a Creeper head when it explodes.

You can create a firework star by arranging the colors you want around the gunpowder on the work table.

After this stage, if you combine gunpowder, paper and firework stars on the production bench again, you can obtain patterned fireworks.

You can fire the fireworks you have obtained by holding them in your hand and right-clicking on them. If you have a lot of fireworks and do not want to throw them by hand, you can throw dozens of fireworks at once with the help of launchers.

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This is the end of this content where we gave the recipe for making fireworks in Minecraft, you can help by sharing the making of your favorite fireworks patterns with other players in the comments section.


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