Lootun – auto-battler RPG for fans of party equipment management


A new game in the genre of auto-battler RPG with idle elements is receiving rave reviews on Steam. Developers Lootun emphasize that the game revolves around character development, honing skills, searching for valuable items, and efficiently managing your inventory. In this case, the gameplay revolves around skillfully collecting and selecting equipment, while the characters effortlessly engage in combat with enemies. However, Lootun is incredibly engaging and doesn’t require you to be inactive for long periods of time in order to make progress.

Early user reviews highlight its similarities to Melvor Idle and Adventurer Manager, but it stands out with its unique features in the genre. It also boasts a highly polished interface.

Lootun excels in providing a wide range of loot options, with over 500 categories of gear available. You can collect items and fine-tune their modifiers until you find the ideal choice for your character slot.

Your parties consist of a wide range of characters, all of whom become more skilled and equipped as they embark on adventures, either alone or in the company of others. There are four classes to choose from, each offering a wide range of standard attacks, active skills, and defensive abilities that can be personalized with passive upgrades. These abilities can be strategically timed or targeted towards specific types of monsters, allowing for a highly customized and professional approach.


Lootun’s endgame features an MMO feel by collecting powerful spells and alchemy bottles that enhance characters to defeat super-powered monsters in hunting quests.

Lootun is available on Steam for just $5.50. You can also try a demo there.


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