What You Need to Know About League of Legends’ New Champion “Aurora”!


What You Need to Know About League of Legends’ New Champion “Aurora”!

We learned new details about the League of Legends Aurora champion at a special screening for the press and content creators and we are sharing them with you. In this content, we have compiled for you all the details you need to know about game abilities, lane and herself, who will be added to the champion roster of the popular MOBA game. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the details of the new LoL champion.

League of Legends champion: Her relationship with Sylas and autism awareness

Aurora will be the first autistic character added to the game to raise autism awareness . She is known as the “Witch of Spirits” and we can say that she deserves this status with her abilities. This new character, who can play in the mid lane and optionally in the top lane, is a mage, but his ability to deal very high damage at once is weaker than the others. Still, he’s not weak. As a comparison, you can think of Sylas.

What You Need to Know About League of Legends' New Champion "Aurora"!
The ultimate stealing-focused skill set designed for Aurora was later used on Sylas.

Speaking of which, let us share with you this interesting information we learned. Riot Games was actually planning to release Aurora before Sylas. While Sylas was being made, the champion that was actually developed was Aurora. They were considering his skill set based on stealing the opponent’s abilities. Then they suspended Aurora and designed Sylas with the same skill set.

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Coming back to Aurora, she is a Freylordian . It is possible to see phrases that remind some animals on his body. For example, while its legs and feet (I think it would be more accurate to call it hooves) resemble those of a horse, its ears are designed like rabbit ears. The new LoL champion, born in the Vastayan Byrni tribe, was designed to be autistic to raise autism awareness. Riot Games came to such a decision by thinking that a character representing this should be included in the champion roster.

Aurora’s abilities and strengths

As we mentioned before, Aurora is not a burst champion, but she doesn’t hold back much either. Therefore, although it can be played in the mid lane, it seems more suitable for the top lane. Of course, this situation will be shaped in line with the preferences of the players and this opinion will then take its most accurate form.

What You Need to Know About League of Legends' New Champion "Aurora"!
Abilities of the new LoL champion Aurora.

The Soul Witch new LoL champion has two forms. While the first one is his normal form, the second one appears as his “Spirit Form” triggered by his passive ability. To detail this situation, it would be logical to talk about the character’s abilities. Even though we saw the names of all the talents in English at the special screening we attended, we will give them to you in Turkish with our own translation. However, keep in mind that different words may be used by the professional localization team in the game.

League of Legends Aurora champion abilities

Spiritual Renunciation (Passive Ability): Aurora’s abilities and attacks drain spirits from enemies they damage. Extracted souls follow Aurora, healing her and granting bonus movement speed.


Q – Double Evil Eye : Aurora fires a shot that inflicts an evil eye on enemies hit. By reusing the ability, he can draw the active evil eye back towards himself, dealing damage to enemies it comes into contact with.

W – Behind the Curtain : When Aurora lands on the ground by jumping in the selected direction, she enters the spirit world and becomes invisible for a short time.

E – Quirk: Aurora opens a window to the spirit world, unleashing a burst of spirit magic that deals magic damage and slows enemies hit, then bounces back.

R – Between Worlds: Aurora leaps in a selected direction, releasing a shockwave that damages and slows enemies hit. It then creates a field that traps opponents within it and allows Aurora to teleport from one end to the other.

You can review their skills and animations in the post shared on the League of Legends official social media account.


In conclusion, these are the details you need to know about the new LoL champion Aurora . Questions such as which champion he can play with best and which he has disadvantages against will now become clear when players play and reveal certain data. For now, we chose not to say anything, as anything we could say about this would be up in the air.

Of course, you can also contribute to the content by sharing your opinions, questions or suggestions with us and our other readers in the comments section. We wish everyone good games in advance!


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