How to Put Password on iPhone Apps? – 2024


How to Put Password on iPhone Apps? – 2024

When you have to share your iPhone with others, you may want to protect some applications with an extra layer of security. For example, you may want to keep your personal notes or photos away from your reckless friends. So how do you lock iPhone apps? In this guide, we are here with the method of Putting Passwords on iPhone Apps.

There have been many solutions for a long time to impose a password restriction on an application on devices with the Android operating system, and now Apple has introduced this feature that users have been waiting for a long time with iOS 18 .

Locked Apps and Hidden Apps, introduced with iOS 18, allow users to lock the apps they want with Face ID, Touch ID or Password.

In this content, we will share two different methods with you. The first of these methods is valid for iPhones with iOS 18 and newer operating system versions, and the other is valid for iPhones with iOS 17 and older operating system versions.

How to Put Password on iPhone Applications?

  • Press and hold on the app you want to lock.
  • Tap Require Face ID .
  • Tap Require Face ID again to confirm .
  • Verify your face with Face ID.
How to Put Password on iPhone Apps
How to Put Password on iPhone Apps

To lock a specific app with Face ID, Touch ID, or Passcode on iPhone models with iOS 18, press and hold on an app of your choice and tap Require Face ID or Require Touch ID .

Then, tap Require Face ID or Require Touch ID again from the menu that opens for confirmation and complete the verifications.


Congratulations, after completing the steps above, you will now be required to enter Face ID, Touch ID or Passcode to access the applications you specified.

Please note that this method only works on iPhone models running iOS 18 or later. For older versions, you can use our method below.

Method 2

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Tap the Screen Time menu.
  • Tap Lock Screen Time Settings and set a Screen Time Passcode .
  • Tap the App Limits menu and enable the App Limits setting.
  • Tap Add Limit and select the app category or app you want to restrict . (Tap on the category to select individual apps.)
  • Tap Next .
  • Set the Duration option to 1 Minute . Activate the Block After Limit setting.
  • Tap Add .
How to Put Password on iPhone Apps
How to Put Password on iPhone Apps

Open the Settings app on your iPhone , tap the Screen Time menu, and then tap Lock Screen Time Settings .

Here you need to set a Screen Time Passcode, which you will use to unlock your apps after you lock them .

How to Put Password on iPhone Apps
How to Put Password on iPhone Apps

After setting a password, tap the App Limits menu under the Screen Time menu and activate the App Limits setting.

How to Put Password on iPhone Apps
How to Put Password on iPhone Apps

Then tap Add Limit. Here you’ll see a selection menu where you can either restrict an entire category of apps or just certain apps.

If you want to restrict only a specific app, you will need to expand the categories. To do this, tap on the app category.


Then select the app category or app you want to restrict and tap on the Next button above .

Finally, set the Duration option to 1 Minute , activate the Block at Limit option and tap the Add button.

How to Put Password on iPhone Apps
How to Put Password on iPhone Apps

Congratulations, once you complete the steps above , the Screen Time Limit will be applied to the app or app category you specified .

When the specified usage time of the app you locked with Screen Time expires, Time Limit will be activated and your access to the app will be restricted.

How to Put Password on iPhone Apps
How to Put Password on iPhone Apps

In order to continue using the application after the Time Limit has been activated, you will need to click the Request More Time button and enter the password you initially set.

Even if your friend knows your iPhone’s lock screen passcode, you can still prevent them from accessing these apps by setting a different screen time passcode.


While various iOS apps today, such as WhatsApp and Evernote, have taken steps to restrict other users’ access to these apps with their own additional password layers, many apps still lack an additional password layer.

Fortunately, with iOS 18, users now have the ability to lock any application they want with Face ID, Touch ID or Password.

Since there was no support for this before iOS 18, support must be obtained from Screen Time , which is a different feature that was not originally designed for this purpose.

This method is still not ideal, as another user will still be able to access your apps for short periods of time before the one-minute limit is reached, but you can ensure that critical apps like Photos are open for a minute before you hand your device over to someone else, allowing that time to expire and keeping your important data safe.

Since the Screen Time restriction can be applied to all apps except the Phone app, it will probably meet your needs to some extent.

By the way, keep in mind that the notification stream from apps with Screen Time will end after the Screen Time Limit is up, so I recommend you to be careful before locking social media apps.

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