Doom: The Dark Ages will have more enemies, larger arenas and slower action

Doom: The Dark Ages will have more enemies, larger arenas and slower action

DOOM: The Dark Ages creative director Hugo Martin said that the game was conceived as a direct successor to the original DOOM, and not as a sequel to DOOM Eternal. In an interview with GamesRadar, Martin shared that the game will be significantly different from its predecessor.

One of the key aspects of fighting demons in DOOM: The Dark Ages will be that the upcoming shooter is more focused on dodging enemy projectiles, bringing it closer to the spirit of the original DOOM. This means that enemy projectiles move slowly, giving players time to dodge and get closer to the enemy.

Other DOOM: The Dark Ages details:

  • Larger Arenas : DOOM: The Dark Ages will feature more enemies and larger arenas, giving players the opportunity to fight multiple demons at once

  • Horizontal Movement : Emphasis on strafeing for precise aiming and evading enemy attacks

  • Less verticality : Unlike DOOM Eternal, the game will focus more on ground movement and horizontal combat

  • Powerful Character : Players will feel slower, but also more powerful and resilient, like a tank

  • Optimized AI : Thanks to improved AI, there can be more demons on screen at once, making fights more intense

  • Shield and Weapons : Constant use of a shield, which allows you to block attacks and deflect projectiles, as well as combine it with melee weapons to solve various problems

Doom: The Dark Ages will be released on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series in 2025.


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