Chalmers IPOET Scholarships in Sweden 2023 Apply Now

Chalmers IPOET Scholarships in Sweden 2023 Apply Now

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Brief explanation:

Chalmers IPOET Scholarships in Sweden 2023 Apply Now Chalmers will give approximately 35 IPOET scholarships to potential fee-paying students in 2023, supported by the Swedish Council for Higher Education.

Institution(s) hosting:

Sweden’s Chalmers University of Technology

Level of study/Field(s) of study:

Unrestricted – all of Chalmers’ current Master’s Programmes

Scholarships awarded:


Group to target:

Residents of non-EU/EEA countries

Chalmers IPOET Scholarships in Sweden 2023 Apply Now
Chalmers IPOET Scholarships in Sweden 2023 Apply Now

Value/inclusions/duration of the scholarship:

• Tuition expenses are reduced by 75% (4 semesters / 2 year programme).
• Students who excel in their first year of study may be eligible for an increased scholarship reduction, which covers 85% of the tuition charge in their second and final years of study.
• No money is given to the scholarship winners.


• Non-EU/EEA citizens who are compelled to pay tuition for Swedish university education.

• Master’s Programme applicants in their first year

The applicants are chosen based on their relative academic brilliance, which includes not only their weighted average grade but also the status of their home university (including place on worldwide ranking lists) and the priority order of their application for Chalmers Master’s programmes.

Instructions for use:

To apply, you must first submit an online application to at least one of Chalmers’ Master’s programmes via the website by January 16, 2023. Each applicant is assigned an application number (from your Master’s programme application at, which is necessary to complete the scholarship application.

The application process for scholarships provided by Chalmers University of Technology is distinct. Scholarship applications are due on January 18, 2023.

For further information on how to apply for this scholarship, please read the how to apply page and visit the official website (link provided below).

How to apply for scholarships

Apply for a Master’s programme

Scholarship applications will be processed once the matching online application for Master’s programmes at has been submitted, including all needed evidence certifying your eligibility and payment of the application cost. Only applicants who meet the qualifying conditions for the Master’s programmes for which they have applied will be considered for a scholarship.

Application procedure

The following instructions are general and apply to all applicants. That includes applicants with both international and Swedish Bachelor’s degrees, as well as those with a Swedish personal identity number and/or Swedish citizenship.

Find the Chalmers Master’s programmes that interests you:
Master’s Degree Programs
Before applying, read over the general and specific entry requirements for the programme. Use the list of essential documents as a checklist, and make sure you complete your paperwork well ahead of the deadline.
Documents necessary for all Chalmers candidates
Entry requirements in general
Specific prerequisites for admission
Apply online at (in English) or (in Swedish). You may apply for up to four programmes (at Chalmers or from several universities).\
Submit the required papers to your account to complete your application.
Always review the list of required documents for all Chalmers candidates.
There are additional instructions regarding country-specific requirements .accessible via If you are eligible, pay the application cost.

How to Apply
How to Apply

Rank your programmes

The ranking of the Master’s programmes for which you applied is critical for the evaluation of your scholarship application.
To increase your chances of receiving a scholarship from Chalmers, make a Master’s study at Chalmers your first priority. There are a total of four (4) options available in the application. Your preferred Master’s programme should be listed as your first (1) alternative.

Scholarship application is now open for 2023 admission

We advise you to apply for scholarships as soon as possible because it will substantially speed up the evaluation process. However, there is no link between the timing of your application and your chances of winning a scholarship.
Please keep in mind that before applying for a scholarship, you must first apply online to at least one of Chalmers’ Master’s programmes via the website (see section 1-3 above). You will be given an 8-digit application number (at, which you will need to complete the scholarship application.

Chalmers requires the following information when applying for (please read more on the relevant page):

Scholarship awarded to Sievert Larsson. The scholarship is solely available to Thai citizens.
Scholarship provided by Volvo Group. The award is only available to Indian and Chinese citizens.

The scholarship application form

Follow the link below and the instructions provided.

Make a note of your 8-digit application number (found in your account/application on
Use the same e-mail address that you used to create your account at
Please keep in mind that the electronic application form is exclusively utilised for scholarships administered and awarded by Chalmers. If you meet the eligibility requirements, you may apply for numerous scholarships.

All data given must be verified against the documentation submitted with your Master’s programme application at
Within a few minutes, you will receive an e-mail with the verification code. If not, try your spam folder.
You may make adjustments to your scholarship application until the deadline if necessary. The scholarship portal is closed once the deadline has passed.


Please keep in mind that if you do not pay the application price or submit all required papers to your account at by the deadline, your scholarship application will be rejected.

Notification and mandatory confirmation of awarded scholarships

The scholarship recipients will be notified of their acceptance between March and the beginning of May.
Chalmers admissions (scholarship committee) is unable to provide any preliminary notifications regarding whether or not a scholarship applicant will be given a scholarship. However, after the selection process is concluded, all applicants for scholarships administered by Chalmers will be notified.
If you get an offer, you must confirm your acceptance by the deadline mentioned in the notification.

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