Best Fully Funded Scholarships in France for International Students

Best Fully Funded Scholarships in France for International Students

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Best Fully Funded Scholarships in France for International Students: Scholarships in France That Are Entirely Funded By the Government France is a well-liked destination for students from other countries since it is well-known for having universities that are among the most prestigious in the world. The combination of the cost of education and the cost of living presents one of the most important obstacles for students from other countries who want to study in France.
However, there are a number of scholarships in France that are accessible to overseas students and are completely supported. These scholarships can assist reduce some of the financial pressures that they face. In this post, we have compiled for you a list of the top scholarships in France that are available to international students and are completely supported.

List of Best Fully Funded Scholarships in France for International Students

Best Fully Funded Scholarships in France for International Students
Best Fully Funded Scholarships in France for International Students

Scholarships for Achieving Excellence at Eiffel:

The French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs came up with the idea for the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program to enable French higher education institutions to compete internationally for the enrollment of the most talented international students in their master’s and doctoral degree programs.
At the master’s level, it encourages applicants from developing countries up to the age of 25; at the Ph.D. level, it encourages applicants up to the age of 30 from both developing and industrialized countries. This provides an opportunity for the future foreign decision-makers of the private and public sectors in priority areas of study.
This award is regarded as one of the most prestigious fully funded scholarships available in France to international students.

The Scholarship in Honor of Émile Boutmy:

The very best international students from outside the European Union are invited to apply for the Émile Boutmy fellowship, which was established by Sciences Po and given its current name in honor of the institution’s founder, Émile Boutmy (1871). The Émile Boutmy Scholarship is given to exceptional candidates whose personal profiles are a good fit for Sciences Po’s admissions criteria and the specific needs of their chosen courses.

The Émile Boutmy scholarship fund is made possible by the generous support of its sponsors, which include donors, companies, and foundations. These sponsors are enthusiastic about providing opportunities for the most meritorious overseas students to receive an education at Sciences Po. During officially sanctioned events, private donors have the opportunity to communicate directly with scholarship recipients.

  • This scholarship is one of the top fully funded scholarships in France available to international students.
  • The annual stipend ranges from €3,600 to €13,190, and the scholarship itself is fully paid.

ENS International Selection Scholarships:

Students are accepted into the Ecole normale supérieure with the intention of enrolling them in the third year of their bachelor’s degree (known as “license 3”) or the first year of their master’s degree (known as “master 1”) These students come from all over the world and come from a variety of academic fields.

The international competitive examination is designed for recent college graduates in the arts and humanities as well as the sciences who have completed at least one year of their undergraduate education at an institution located outside of their home country and who have distinguished themselves academically.

The test consists of two parts: first, a selection is made based on the application, and then, for those candidates who have been shortlisted, there are oral and written exams (for the arts and humanities) or solely oral exams (for the sciences). It is one of the most prestigious Fully Funded Scholarships in France that is available to International Students.

Université Paris-Saclay International Master’s Scholarships:

The mission of the Université Paris-Saclay is to promote access for international students to its Master’s programs, which are provided by its faculties, component institutions, and associated universities; and to make it easier for highly-qualified international students to join the University, particularly for those who wish to develop an academic project through research up to the doctoral level. Specifically, the goal is to make it easier for international students to join the university who are interested in pursuing a doctoral degree.

The scholarship from the Université Paris-Saclay is valued at 10,000 Euros per academic year. The expense is covered by the Université Paris-Saclay for the whole course of the academic year, which spans a total of ten consecutive months (September to June).
In addition, depending on the candidate’s country of origin, they may be eligible to receive up to one thousand euros to cover the costs of travel and visas.
After the laureates have arrived in France and registered in the program to which they were admitted, only then will they be given their scholarship and reimbursed for any travel expenses they incurred.
This award is regarded as one of the most prestigious fully funded scholarships available in France to students from other countries.

Erasmus Mundus Scholarships for Joint Master Degree in Aquaculture, Environment, and Society:

A program that lasts for two years and involves studying in four centers of expertise in aquaculture research around Europe, including Scotland, Crete, and France. Through participation in industry-led research programs, internships, and fieldwork, you can acquire both the practical and theoretical skills necessary for a successful career in aquaculture.

The EACEA of the European Union will provide funding for the scholarships, which will cover the cost of tuition fees and insurance premiums, as well as provide successful applicants with 1,400 Euros per month to contribute toward travel, relocation, and general living expenses. These costs will be covered by the EACEA.

It’s important to point out that this scholarship is fully funded, making it one of the most competitive options available to international students in France.

International Master of Science in Rural Development (IMRD) Scholarships:

Scholarships, which are a type of financial assistance, may be granted to successful applicants. Scholarships are given out, but there are only so many spots available. During the process of applying for the online program, you will be given the option to also submit an application for a scholarship. The application team selects the most qualified candidates to be nominated for scholarships.

The applicants are subsequently given the opportunity to present their credentials to the IMRD Selection Committee, which is responsible for making the ultimate scholarship decision. It includes participation in lectures and case studies as well as the cost of tuition for all partners at which you enroll in classes. It’s important to point out that this scholarship is fully funded, making it one of the most competitive options available to international students in France.

Labex-Milyon Masters Scholarship:

Scholarships for students pursuing a Master’s degree or a Licence 3 are available through the Excellence Laboratory Milton. The duration of the program is ten months, from September 2023 to June 2024. The scholarships are on an annual basis and can be renewed if the label determines that they are still relevant. It is one of the most prestigious Fully Funded Scholarships in France that is available to International Students.

Scholarships for master’s degrees and bachelor’s degrees, based on academic merit, are provided by Labex MILLION on an annual basis to a number of students, the majority of whom are from other countries, who are interested in enrolling in one of the programmes that are provided by the institutions of the University of Lyon that the label supports.

INSEAD Syngenta Endowed Scholarship for Emerging Country Leadership:

Scholarships will be given out on a class-by-class basis, and candidates for these scholarships will need to demonstrate that they have met the following requirements:

An impressive record of academic accomplishment and promise
aptitude for the administration of business and finances
Potential for leadership and dedication to making a contribution to one’s nation or region at some point in the foreseeable future.
It is one of the most prestigious Fully Funded Scholarships in France that is available to International Students.

Research Fellowships at the Paris IAS:

Research scholarships lasting ten months are available through the Fellowship Programme of the French Institutes for Advanced Study (FIAS). These fellowships are offered in the six Institutes located in Aix-Marseille, the Loire Valley (Orléans-Tours), Lyon, Montpellier, and Paris.

All IAS have come to an agreement on basic requirements, which include the supply of a living allowance of 2,700 euros per month, coverage for social security, housing, a budget for research and training, as well as compensation for travel expenses. It is one of the most prestigious Fully Funded Scholarships in France that is available to International Students.

Audencia Business School in Nantes France Scholarship for Women:

At Audencia Business School, they want to make certain that talented students are not put at a disadvantage as a result of the pandemic’s difficulties. Because of this, they are putting an unprecedented amount of money into scholarships this year in order to assist students all around the world in achieving their goals.

Students who have been accepted to the Fall intake of the program but who have not yet begun the course of study are eligible to receive these scholarships in the form of a waiver of a portion of their tuition fees. Applications that meet certain criteria are given precedence. It is one of the most prestigious Fully Funded Scholarships in France that is available to International Students.

Why Study in France:

The first nation to do so, France became the first nation to sign a mutual recognition agreement with India.
A degree in French will provide you access to 570 French companies that are currently operating in India.
There are almost 500 scholarships offered by France to students studying in India.
Because of the wealth and variety of options available within the French educational system, it is simple to locate a course of study that is tailored to your own history and objectives.
The programs are designed with a focus on professionalism; they integrate theory and practice; and they make use of specialized tools in authentic environments.
France is the world’s fourth largest destination for overseas students and the leading non-English speaking destination. There are 1500 French programs that are taught in English.
French is the official language of nearly 30 countries spread across all 5 continents; you should study it.
With more than 64 Nobel Prize winners and 15 Fields Medalists, France is the leader in science and innovation.
An atmosphere that encourages creativity and is supportive of new business owners

Benefits from French educational systems:

Students from other countries do, in fact, benefit from the appropriate assistance and attention that France gives to its educational system. The following illustrates what they look like:

University tuition rates, which range from 170 to 243 euros, are considered to be relatively affordable.
Regardless of the student’s country of origin, the state pays for the majority of the expenses associated with higher education by providing financial assistance through universities.
In the neighborhood of two hundred euros per year, students are eligible for social insurance coverage.
Students who are recipients of scholarships from the French government will be given preference for this funding, which will cover one-third of their living expenses.
Students are eligible for reductions in the cost of a variety of day-to-day expenses, including bus and train tickets, as well as memberships to leisure venues like swimming pools and movie theatres.
Restaurants on university campuses where a lunch won’t set you back more than three euros.
Eligibility to work, as the student who possesses the card to reside in the state of France, is permitted to work, provided that their weekly working hours do not exceed the maximum of 18 hours.

The Excellence Scholarship Awarded by the Eiffel Foundation:

The Eiffel Scholarships are given out to deserving students every year. Students who have excelled academically and are interested in pursuing master’s or doctoral degrees in France at a prestigious university are the intended recipients of this award.

This degree is limited to specializing in only four important areas of study, namely engineering, management and economics, political science, and law. In addition to this, it encourages students from developing nations to apply for master’s programs, while students from developing nations, as well as industrialized nations, are allowed to apply for doctoral programs.

France’s Excellence-Major Undergraduate Scholarship Program is open to students from other countries.
Every year, the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, in collaboration with the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE), gives out approximately two hundred scholarships. Students graduating from French high schools (lycées francais) located anywhere in the world who have the ambition to continue their studies at one of France’s prestigious universities can apply for an Excellence-Major scholarship.
Recipients of the scholarship are eligible to receive financing for their education for a maximum of five years. They are also awarded the status of the holder of a scholarship by the French government. They will have an easier time obtaining their visa as well as housing at a university residence in France as a result of this.

Scholarships from the Ministry of Higher Education and Research in France:

There are socially motivated scholarship opportunities to be found on the section of the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research’s website that is dedicated to students. If you are an international student and either has refugee status or are receiving temporary protection, you may be eligible for this funding. The other requirement is that you have been living in France continuously for at least two years and that you hold a valid residence visa for the country.

Scholarships provided by the NPLUSI Network:

It is a nationwide network for the most prestigious educational institutions and the most advanced engineering specializations. In addition to this, it collaborates with a number of private corporations in each nation to provide a number of grants and scholarships.

Funding opportunities made available by the Francophone University Agency (AUF)
Scholarships are given out by the AUF to students and researchers so that they can attend universities in France or abroad in the world. This is done in an effort to promote the dissemination of knowledge and learning. Students at the master’s or doctoral level can apply for and receive funding from these awards to cover a portion of their educational and research expenses. Students who are interested in pursuing professional training of any kind may also apply for this award.

European Erasmus Mundus Program:

Students currently enrolled at a university in France are eligible to apply for one of three available scholarships that are part of a cultural exchange program. This is accomplished through collaborative efforts with certain initiatives that have been proposed by educational establishments of a higher level in the home nation.

Awards of financial assistance for non-governmental and international organizations and institutions
The majority of the funding for these scholarships is designated for doctoral and post-doctoral study.

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