Australian Government Jobs 202324 Apply Here

Australian Government Jobs 2023/24 Apply Here

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Australian Government Jobs 2023/24 Apply Here Everyone, from high school kids to skilled individuals, has the opportunity to participate in one of the many available jobs offered by the Australian government, which include a wide range of fields and occupations.

Below, we have highlighted all of the available jobs with the Australian government so that you may quickly and simply access the application link and increase your chances of landing a position that matches your interests.

Continue down this page to examine all of the available positions within the Australian Government, along with the entry requirements and any other relevant information.

Details On Australian Government Jobs

A career with the Australian government gives you the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of employment options, including full-time, part-time, casual, flexible, work-from-home, and onsite positions.

There are job openings on the Australian Government website in every state in Australia, including Victoria, New South Wales, Southern Australia, Queensland, northern Australia, the Australian Capital Territory, Western Australia, and Tasmania.

The list that follows provides an overview of the various classifications of work opportunities made available to persons by the government of Australia.

Jobs for Trainees, Apprentices, and School Leavers Jobs for high school students, recent graduates, and those looking to make a change in their professional lives.
Opportunities for University Students to Participate in Cadet Programs and Receive Sponsorships
Positions Available as Interns for College and University Students
Practice in the workplace For pupils in their 11th and 12th years.
Jobs for University Graduates and Postgraduates Job Opportunities for Veterans Job Opportunities for Members of the Armed Forces Career Transition Designed for people with years of relevant professional experience.

Australian Government Jobs 202324 Apply Here
Australian Government Jobs 202324 Apply Here

APS Classification

There are different APS Classification under the Australian Government, and they include;

  • APS Level 1
  • APS Level 2
  • APS Level 3
  • APS Level 4
  • APS Level 5
  • APS Level 6
  • Chief Of Division Grade 1
  • Chief Of Division Grade 2
  • Chief Of Division Grade 3
  • Executive level 1
  • Executive level 2
  • Government lawyer
  • It Specialist
  • Principal Government lawyer
  • Senior Executive Service Band 1 -3
  • Medical Officer Class 1 -6
  • Border Trainee and so many more

Department/Agency Jobs With Vacancies

  1. Aboriginal Hostel Limited (15 Jobs) – consists of Hotel Jobs for persons such as hotel managers jobs, hostel workers, cooks, and assistant hotel managers, and they all come with distinct APS classifications and are located in different parts of the country.

2 . Appellate Division of the Administrative Office of the Courts (5 Jobs) Vacancies include an EL2 Director – Data, Performance, and Insights position, an APS5 Senior Tribunal Officer job, an APS4 Tribunal Officer job, an Associate Employment Register (Non-Ongoing) job, and the last one, and they all come with appealing pay. Vacancies also include:

  1. The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission is looking to fill six positions, including an Assistant Director, Operational Policy & Support job, an assistant director job, an APS5 Policy Officer – Multiple Positions job, an APS6 Senior Policy Officer – Multiple Positions job, and several other positions.
  2. Austrade is hiring for four positions, including a Senior Adviser for Infrastructure and a Project Manager for South Asia Education Initiatives in the year 2022. The Simplified Trade System Taskforce and the Austrade Temporary Employment Register 2021-2022 are responsible for the Temporary Register.
  3. The Australian Bureau of Statistics has openings for the following positions: Statistical Analyst APS4 – Wage Price Index, Data Analysis Specialist, Mathematical Statistician, Data Scientist, and Data Collection Methodologist (APS6), Director – Data, Middleware and Analytics, and the rest of jobs.
  4. The Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity is looking to fill one position for a Temporary Employment Register. They encourage applicants from a wide variety of professional backgrounds to submit their resumes, including those in the fields of legal services, administration and government, human resources, and many more.
  5. The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) is now looking to fill four positions, namely Counsel Assisting Senior Lawyer, Integration Specialist, System Engagement Officer, and Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission – Temporary Employment Register.
  1. Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (12 Jobs) – vacancies include Senior Service Desk Analyst, Service Desk Analyst, Staff Psychologist, Assistant Director Communications, Senior Communications Officer, and 2023 Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade Graduate Program, as well as a great number of other jobs.
  2. The Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, and Communications has seven open positions, including those for an EL1 Assistant Director in the Conduct and Performance Case Management Branch, an EL1 Assistant Director in the Vehicle Safety Operations Branch, an APS5 Regulatory Officer, an APS6 Senior Regulatory Officer, an SES Band 1 – Assistant Secretary, various positions, and others.
  3. Department of Health (24 jobs) – vacancies include Policy Officer, Director, National Health Emergency Preparedness and Planning Section, Departmental Officer, Executive Director, Data Analyst, Senior Midwifery Advisor, and a great deal of other positions.
How to Apply
How to Apply

Other Department Jobs

  • Quality and Assurance of Elderly Care
  • Agency for the Safety and Elimination of Asbestos
  • AirService The Department of the Attorney-General of Australia
  • Division of the Antarctic Region of Australia
  • Commission of the Building and Construction Industry in Australia
  • Research conducted by the Australian Center for International Agriculture (ACIAR)
  • Commission of Australian Charities and Other Non-Profit Organizations (ACNC)
  • The Australian Authority for the Quality of Children’s Education and Care
  • Commission for Safety and Quality in Health Care in Australia (ACSQHC)
  • Occupational Title: Inspector General of Taxation Office
  • Department of Agriculture, Australian Maritime Safety Authority, National Health and Medical Research Council, and National Health and Medical Research Council

Salary Of Australian Government Workers

The average Australian government salary in Australia is $63,359 per year or $32.49 per hour.

Entry-level positions start at $56,090 per year.

While most experienced workers make up to $68,687 per year.

How To Apply For Australian Government Jobs

Follow the link that says “apply now” below in order to submit your application for a position with the Australian government.

When you have arrived at the official website of the Australian government, make use of the search boxes to locate and submit an application for the precise position you are interested in holding.

Before submitting an application, double-check that you satisfy all of the qualifications and that the wage range described is within your comfort zone.

The majority of the employees are reserved for Australian nationals, although there is a separate category for persons from other countries.

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