All We Know So Far About the New Fable Game

New Fable Game

All We Know So Far About the New Fable Game

The gaming community has been waiting for the announcement of a new Fable game. Fable is a series of RPG video games that first appeared in 2004. Lionhead Studios developed and Microsoft published this line of video games, which has won gamers’ hearts with its whimsical world, moral choices, and unique humor. Here’s what all we know so far about the new Fable game

All We Know So Far About the New Fable Game

Fable 4 Developer

One of the biggest developers in the industry, Playground Games, has taken up the development of the new Fable game: iconic Forza Horizon series developer. This comes with much excitement but also some mystery.

All We know so far about the New Fable Game
New Fable Game

Known for delivering top-notch open-world racers, Playground Games has been known to create a breathtaking landscape entire of life and creative gameplay. However, their track record says they are more than up to handling the much-loved Fable franchise, as entry into the RPG genre is a huge new step for them.

Fable 4 Announcement

A new Fable game was officially announced during the Xbox Games Showcase in July 2020. Although short, the reveal trailer shot excitement waves through the gaming community. The trailer displayed a fairy-tale world of forests rich and full of wonder with creatures and a sprinkling of humor from this series. A woodland sprite fluttering through woods swallowed whole by a frog right on cue captures everything that makes Fable’s world delightfully attractive.

Fable 4 The Setting

While not much of the story or setting was actually revealed within the trailer, it gave an impression that the reveal set toward the beginning of the series was rooted in fantasy. The Fable games have always been set in the fictional land Albion; a place rich with lore, magic, and adventure.

However, some speculation suggests the possibility of visiting new regions outside Albion or even re-imagining. The very presence of iconic elements such as Heroes’ Guild suggests continuity series lore but at the same time, fresh visual style points to some form of new beginning.

Fable 4 Graphics and Design

The visual fidelity was the most striking feature of the reveal trailer. The last thing is that built on the power of the Xbox Series X; this new Fable game has so much to offer in its stunning and immersive open world.

The visual detail given in the trailer revealed a colorful and alive environment, detailed foliage, dynamic lighting, and realistic water effects. It highlights just how adept Playground Games are at making open worlds look visually resplendent, just as it managed to do in the Forza Horizon series.

Tone and Atmosphere

Generally exuberant and whimsical, something these trailers did an excellent job of getting across about the Fable series. Again with this new game in the series, the tone looks set to be expectedly well-fitting.

The tone from the reveal trailer was quite playful yet tinged with slightly dark humor, keeping up with the personality and charm that people had come to know and love about this game. One of its characteristics separating it from most other RPGs has always been the ability to balance between subjects that are both light-hearted and those that are somewhat grittier.

Fable 4 Story/Characters

The story or its characters have not been revealed much so far. Fable games have, more or less, traditionally revolved around the epic journey of a hero: starting as a somewhat wide-eyed youth but later growing into someone legendary.

New Fable Game
All We Know So Far About the New Fable Game

It has been known to be a haven of branching narratives and moral choices affecting the world and characters around the player. Most probably, the new Fable will follow this tradition, with players’ defining choice in molding their experience.

Open-World Exploration

The Fable series has always embraced open-world exploration, and the new game is expected to expand on this concept. The game was featured in the trailer, brimming with promises for an excellent, connected world that was full of treasures, secrets, and adventures to uncover. Developers of Forza Horizon have shown the world that it is able to offer an environment that is well-sculpted and where one can explore and make discoveries.

Magic and Combat

Magic and Combat components have always been an integral part of a Fable game. Fans can expect a powerful combat system that incorporates melee, ranged, and magical abilities. The reveal trailer shows some sword-wielding characters for a moment, from which one might infer the restoration of tense, robust combat mechanics. What’s likely is the series’ innovative way of using magic, adding up or combining different spells and their personalization, thus providing combat in a dynamic customizable way.

Consequences of Moral Choices

One of the popular features of the Fable series is its system of ethical choices. Actions driven by the player shape and affect the world and people within it, either good or evil.

New Fable Game
All We Know So Far About the New Fable Game

The system puts in-depth value since different choices bring different results for the game replays. The new Fable is expected to continue this system and deepen its relevance to the game’s story.


While Fable itself has been about a single-player experience, rumors have circulated that this new game version will have some multiplayer or online element. Playground Games should have experience with online connectivity since some features of the Forza Horizon series include seamless multiplayer integration. 

Online Features

What form this will take—whether cooperative multiplayer, shared-world elements, competitive features, or something else—is interesting to think about and probably helps build hype for the game.

Release Date and Platforms

No release date is available yet concerning the new Fable game, but it’s confirmed to be released for Xbox Series X and PC. More than that, the ambitious scope of the project and the leverage of next-gen hardware are likely to take time to polish and make it into a fully realized experience.


Announcing a new Fable game reignited excitement among fans of the series as well as RPG enthusiasts. With the technical masterclass that is Playground Games at the helm, expectations are high for a visually stunning and highly immersive experience.

Hopes of Fable 4 Fans

Fans hope the new Fable will capture what truly made the original games great: a rich, whimsical world; meaningful choices; engaging combat; and maybe just a little humor.


The new Fable game appears to be the follow-up to a highly-anticipated comeback of a beloved franchise. However, there is not much specific information about its characters, story elements, and gameplay mechanics in this article; nevertheless, the expectations from this reveal trailer and the reputation of Playground Games are now very high. Whether you have been a fan of this series for years or just someone excited about exploring that world of wonders, the new Fable provides an unforgettable experience. So, we shared almost all we know about the new fable game. If you haven’t read the Destiny 2 Review, we suggest you look at it to see what’s new. 


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