Guide and Tips for Autumn in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town

There will be many exciting events and activities in the fall. Let’s check out this Helbu guide to find out what you can do.

Autumn in Story of Seasons : Friends of Mineral Town is an important season in its first year. In this season we should have made significant progress, starting from finance, farm conditions , and social relations with the residents of Mineral Town .


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If you’ve read the previous Spring or Summer guides and tips , then now is the time you can go back to see our guide for Autumn and some helpful tips.

Mushroom Hunting Time

Autumn is an ideal season for mushrooms to grow. During this season, you can search for mushrooms in the mountainous area of ​​Mother’s Hill. Meanwhile, to get Matsutake (rare mushrooms), you can look for them behind Jennifer’s camp where access must destroy rocks with a Hammer that has been upgraded to at least level 3.

Both mushrooms and matsutake can be sold for extra money, but we recommend keeping them, as most foods require mushrooms as ingredients. Besides that, Matsutake is also one of the best ingredients for the Harvest Festival event .

Make friends with Cliff, Carter, Duke, and Manna

Cliff became one of the friendship priorities during Autumn , because reportedly this character could leave the game . Besides that, you will also get an invitation to work part time if you are friends with Duke and Manna (Cliff will also take on the role if you have previously been friends)

In addition, you also have to be friends with Carter (4 hearts ) to get access to the backyard of the Church, which you can use to pick mushrooms or Matsutake.

Prioritize Planting Green Pepper

For farming problems, the best choice is Green Pepper. This plant needs to grow for 7 days and will harvest every 2 days. So make sure you ask the Harvest Spirit for help to get the harvest if you plant a large amount of green pepper . Besides that, in autumn you can also plant carrots, eggplants, yams, Adzuki Beans, chili , and spinach .

Upgrade Livestock Cages

Also, livestock activities should not be forgotten during the fall. We recommend that if the coop or barn is full of livestock, upgrade to the larger size pen immediately . The reason is this will be one of the main sources of income during Winter .

If you have more money, you can also add production facilities to process livestock such as the Mayonnaise Maker or Yarn Maker with Saibara’s help.

Tips from Helbu

Here are some important tips from us that you can do during Autumn in Story of Seasons : Friends of Mineral Town

  • Keep doing activities in the previous season, such as giving offerings to the Harvest Goddess and watching the Cooking Channel every Tuesday
  • Don’t miss the Music Festival, because this event will increase relationship points for all participating Mineral Town residents
  • The recommended ingredient for the Harvest Festival is Matsutake mushrooms
  • Stop collecting Fur from Sheep, Alpaca, or Angora Rabbit starting on Autumn 12 in preparation for the Fur Festival
  • The Part Time event was held on the 15th of Autumn at 10 AM and ended at 5 PM. When finished, immediately go to Roze Plaza to buy Pet from Van
  • Requirements to win at the Fur Festival event are Sheep, Alpaca, or Angora Rabbit with 8 hearts
  • Prepare dessert (must have a kitchen ) for the Pumpkin Festival before 30 Autumn

Here is an important day in Autumn Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town

2 Autumn – Gotts (Honey) Birthday
3 Autumn – Music Festival
5 Autumn – Yu’s Birthday (Chocolate)
7 Autumn – Brandon’s Birthday (Honey)
9 Autumn – Harvest Festival
10 Autumn – Harvest Spirit Hoggy’s birthday ( flour )
11 Autumn – Manna’s ( honey ) birthday
13 Autumn – Full Moon Festival
14 Autumn – Harvest Spirit Cherry’s birthday ( flour )
15 Autumn – Karen’s birthday ( popcorn ), Pet Shop Van opens
18 Autumn – Horse Festival
19 Autumn – Doctor’s Birthday ( poisonous mushroom )
20 Autumn – Carter’s birthday ( flour )
21 Autumn – Fur Festival
23 Autumn – Anna’s Birthday ( chocolate )
27 Autumn – Rick’s birthday (s pa boiled egg )
30 Autumn – Pumpkin Festival

Guide and Tips for Autumn in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town
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