Meet the 24k gold PS5 console

As you know, the PS5 is already a console that will debut in our country with very bad price tags . Well, how about flying a little more exaggerated price? A company will release a 24-carat gold PS5 console version for interested players. Pre-registration has already begun for this. This company, called Truly Exquisite, also makes and sells gold versions of other devices.

Meet the 24k gold PS5 console

Meet the 24k gold PS5 console

Truly Exquisite company opens pre-registrations for 24 carat gold PS5
This company named Truly Exquisite, the guest of our news , does not only make a 24-carat gold console. Platinum and 18k rose gold versions of the console are also mentioned on their site. It is also an extra detail that only 100 of the gold PS5 we are talking about will be found worldwide. If you have a lot of money to spend, you can browse, but since the console’s output prices will be really high even if there are tax cuts, it will not be something we would prefer.

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Meet the 24k gold PS5 console
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